History of Hastings Home Modification & Maintenance Services

Hastings Home Modification and Maintenance Service Inc. is a not-for-profit group that recently celebrated its 20th year of service to the Hastings community.

From modest beginnings in 1990, they have continually developed their expertise to become the leaders for modifications in the home that improve your safety and independence.

Shirley Munday, President from 1992-2002, remembers the early days of Hastings HMMS...

 - an address to the guests at our Anniversary celebration on Wednesday 13 October 2010

What can I say!! On Monday I visited the current premises of the Service just to see how far you had come since our very humble beginnings.

In 1989, Margaret McIntyre, an Occupational Therapist, could see the need for just such a service to provide help to the frail aged and people with disabilities within our community.

A Steering Committee was formed and worked for many months to try and obtain funding under the HAAC Program. There are people with us today who, like myself, sat on that committee and we applaud the success of the Service today.

After several submissions we were fortunate to receive a small amount of funding to set up the Service. The first President was Carl Lockwood followed by Margaret McIntyre. I became President in 1991 and held that office for 11 years.

My thanks go to all the dedicated people who served with me on the Committee over that time. It brings to mind one gentleman, who was the consumer representative. He travelled each month from Kendall to the meetings for around 10 years until he was no longer able to drive.

Due to the small amount of funding we were initially only able to employ staff on a part time basis which made it difficult to get the best people.

From memory, we started with a part time Coordinator and a Builder two days a week. We had no equipment and paid a fee to the Builder for use of his tools. It was not until we acquired recurrent funding that we were able to expand.

Our first office was a small room in the Village Arcade at the southern end of Horton Street. This was kindly rented to us by the Community Transport Service and we were able to have our meetings in their offices.

From there we moved the office to a small shop in the William Street Arcade and rented a storage bay for the tools that we had by then acquired and to use as a workshop.

We were fortunate to obtain a room from CRS at no cost where our meetings were held each month.

We were very excited when we obtained a large shop front at the top of Gordon Street with an area at the back to use as a workshop. After such humble beginnings we felt that we were making headway. But it was not long before other businesses in the block began to complain about the noise when the Builder was working.

It was a great day when we employed Paul Martin in 2000 as our Builder. Due to his work ethics the Service began to move forward at an unprecedented rate. Paul is an honest and reliable person and he has played a very large part in the success that the Service enjoys today.



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